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Cake N Bunch - Your Trusted Online Cake and Flowers Delivery Portal

Celebrations are an important part of any social group, be it family, friends, or even co-workers. Celebrations provide for a necessary breather from our usual and monotonous routines and no matter the reason bring a smile to everyone's face. Ever wondered why? We believe it's the composition of a celebration that makes it's special. Imagine a birthday party with no birthday hats or cake (gasp!) or an anniversary party with no gifts or flowers! Seems dreary, right?

It's these little things like cakes, gifts, flowers that add joy to any event. These are the things people anticipate. Be it a child or an adult, they always look forward to birthday presents and why not. After all, it's their special day and the valuable people in your life deserve the absolute best. This is where we, Cake N Bunch, come in. To help you make your special one's happy, we are proud to be your trusted online cake and flowers delivery portal.

We understand how busy your schedule is. It's difficult to manage all your chores and work AND to keep in mind at all times the special occasions of those around you. Fret not, for we are here! We take the load off of your head immensely by taking care of most of the cumbersome tasks required to throw a party. Let's take you through the services Cake N Bunch offers and you'll see how you can organize a winning party with our help in just a few minutes.

Online Cake Order - The biggest must-have for any occasion is a beautiful and scrumptious cake and you need not look any further because we got your back! Choose from our wider than the ocean range of cakes and win hearts all over. According to us, that's half the party planned already!

Cake N Bunch offers online cake delivery in India in various categories such as classic birthday cakes, eggless cakes and special designer cakes to add that extra zing to your celebration. Kids will love you if you choose to get delivered our Mickey Mouse or Barbie cakes. Little heroes love our Spiderman cakes and the Minion cakes are an instant hit with crowds of all ages.

Personalized cakes are all the rage right now. You too can join the bandwagon by ordering our custom Photo Cakes. Just share with us the picture you want on the cake and lo and behold! Your very own personalized cake will be delivered, ready to be devoured!

Cakes a bit too mainstream for you? Make your selection from our range of cupcakes and jar cakes that will definitely set you apart from the crowd. Cakes are an instant mood-lifter so special occasion or not, do take advantage of our online cake order services and enjoy our delicious offerings anytime!

How Easy to Order Cake Online -

Online cake order is a breeze at our simplified and user-friendly website. We'll take you through the quick and easy process for a trouble-free experience -

1. Visit and login to your account with your login ID and password. Register a new account with your name and email, if visiting for the first time. or else you can opt for the guest checkout option also.

Creating an account makes it so much easier to keep track of your orders. Based on your order history, we send your friendly annual reminders about any repetitions you may want to order on your loved ones' special days. No need to set reminders on a dozen apps! Don't worry, we don't spam, promise!

2. Choose from the various options for cakes, befitting your needs, ex. birthday, anniversary, same day delivery requirement, etc. Add to cart when you have made your choice.

3. Fill in your expectations about the Delivery date, time, weight of the cake and message on the cake and card (if ordering)

4. Choose add-ons such as cards, chocolates, flowers, etc, from among the suggestions to make your gift extra-special for your loved ones.

5. Provide us details about the Receiver's address, and respective contact information. Make sure to input the correct zip codes and contact numbers for the best delivery experience.

6. Choose your preferred payment method from the variety we offer for your convenience and complete your payment hassle free.

7. Sit back and relax while we deliver your heartfelt wishes, for sure by the promised time, to the recipient with a smile.

Online Flower Delivery - Now that the cake is sorted, have you thought about the gift? No reason to panic because we are here for you! With our same day flower delivery, there is absolutely no need to worry about the gift. Flowers are one of the most thoughtful and pleasing gifts ever. Get fresh flowers delivered straight to your home or office without burning a hole in your pocket, with our cheap flower delivery.

Different flowers have different significances. Lilies signify femininity and purity whereas Orchids denote strength and beauty. Carnations represent good luck and affection and Roses depict love. Flowers can prove to be helpful at not just parties but other times as well. How do you ask? Ever had a lover's quarrel and left wondering how to make up to your significant other? Turn any frown upside down with our deliver roses online service. One look at your sweet gesture in the form of fragrant and lovely roses and we assure you, all the arguments will be long forgotten.

Take it up a notch with our online flower delivery service to send exotic flowers and get showered in compliments from all around at your exquisite gift! Cake N Bunch also offers basket and vase arrangements for flowers that will turn your beautiful gift into a magnificent one in the snap of a finger.

Chocolates - Did you know that chocolate is basically a vegetable? Well, it comes from the seed called cacao beans and hence we can fairly say that it is indeed a vegetable and we always encourage you to follow a healthy lifestyle! Turn any moment sweeter with delectable chocolates delivered by Cake N Bunch. Apart from cake delivery online, we also pride ourselves in bringing delectable chocolates straight to your loved ones and you! Another essential on any occasion or everyday life, chocolates bring a smile to people in all age groups who receive them.

wish to show everyone how your style is just not that simple? Go for our exciting chocolate bouquets and see the wonder in everyone's eyes! A chocolate bouquet is what we used to dream of as kids, only a lot sweeter as a reality. A bouquet of flowers and chocolates together in a stunning creation to wow anyone who looks at it.

Teddy - Ever heard a Teddy talk? No? Well, we have and guess what? They only speak the language of love! Express your love in the most adorable way by ordering a Teddy for your special someone online at Cake N Bunch.  Missing your long-distance partner on your anniversary? The soft and cuddly toys are not only lovable but also perfectly huggable to cure any sad feelings.

Did you know, people who especially love and collect teddy bears are called Arctophile, which combines the Greek words arctos (bear) and philos (loving/fond of). Bring out your inner Arctophile and surround yourself with the fluffy goodness! Teddy bears are worldwide favorites among kids and adults alike.  Choose your favorite huggable from our easy-to-navigate website and send away your love and heartfelt wishes!

Told you we could get your party planned! The cake, the gifts, and flowers are all ready to be delivered at the designated time and all the celebration still needs is your enigmatic presence. Your relaxed demeanor will leave people puzzled on how such detailed planning could be done so effortlessly. Do share your secret with everyone, albeit after the party.

From essentials to extras, find it all on Cake N Bunch and make your moments precious and memorable. Don't forget to tag us when you upload the party pictures on Instagram or Facebook! Follow us on social media to be in the know of and take advantage of our special offers and discounts.