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7 Things Not to Forget on Your Anniversary

Written by CNB


Anniversaries are a special affair! They are a reminder of your special day together and are worth every bit of effort you put into making them remarkable. Anniversaries are little yearly reminders of your love and you must do everything you can to make each of them memorable.

We understand that this art of making days memorable does not come naturally to all. So here we are to let you in on an informative list of 7 things not to forget on your anniversary so that your celebrations are exceptional, every time.

1. Midnight delivery of cakes and flowers

We cannot stress this particular point enough. Getting a cake and flowers delivered to your significant other at midnight is one of the most romantic gestures you can make! It’s a minimum effort surprise which results in some pretty big smiles. Trust us on this because Cake N Bunch has quite some experience delivering cakes and flowers at midnight to lovely couples.

2. Plan in advance to spend your day together

Make plans for the day in advance. Your partner will surely feel the love when they find out that you took the time to plan your activities, big or small. Manage your schedules such that you can spend the day together. Some quality time together can work wonders for your relationship!

3. Book a photographer for a romantic shoot

The day you are celebrating is special for sure. Don’t let these memories fade away. Book a photographer or set up your camera to capture all our lovely moments for the day. It could be a bonus for the coming years when the same pictures could be used as gifts!

4. Make sure the gift is thoughtful

It’s widely said that it’s the thought that counts. Give some thought into what your partner is like and what they would like to receive. Make sure it’s something that holds significance to them. One look at the gift and they’ll know that you gave it time and will feel the immense love you have for them. Pro-tip – Put some extra effort into a DIY handmade gift and earn some brownie points for your hard work!

5. Plan a romantic meal

Make sure to plan a fancy arrangement for at least one meal of the day, if not all of them. It could be a thoughtful breakfast in bed that you cook yourself or a lazy brunch at your favorite diner or a romantic candle-light dinner at the restaurant you both have been wanting to check out for some time. A pleasant conversation usually accompanies good food and would be conducive to a stroll down the memory lane!

6. Try out an exciting activity

Bring some excitement into your monotonous life by trying out a new activity together. It could be anything, from dance or cooking classes to an adventurous activity together or simply a hot air balloon ride during sunset for a blissful experience. The key is to make it as different from your routine life as possible and have the time of your lives with each other!

7. Put your love into words

You don’t need to be a wordsmith to put your feelings into words. If long love letters are not your cup of tea go for tiny love confessions on post-it notes and leave them around the house for your partner to find. It could be an enjoyable treasure hunt for them and be the perfect memorabilia of your cute confessions!

Remember, all that matters is that your partner can feel the love through your actions. Make them feel treasured in your life and you’ve got yourself a winning anniversary celebration for sure!



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