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Cake Delivery Noida

Online Cake Delivery in Noida

Noida is one of the most well planned and fast-paced cities in North India. The biggest benefit of being a planned city was that it was mandatory to keep at least 50% green cover in and around the city, making Noida the greenest city in India! The city is also a medical and healthcare hub with top-notch medical institutes such as Kailash Hospital and Jaypee hospital, among others.

It's a well known IT hub where most of the well-known multinational companies have set camp and are flourishing for many years now. It also houses the Okhla bird sanctuary where birds like sparrows, mynahs, seagulls, kingfishers, and many more exotic birds are known to migrate and wow bird watchers each season. Over the years, the city has also seen a lot of educational institutes across different fields of study coming forth with exceptional student placement records.

Never be bored at Noida, which is also fun central with an entire fleet of amusement parks, shopping malls, parks, restaurants, pubs, etc all around the city for your entertainment. The city also boasts of having the Filmcity area which is lined up with top studios and news channel stations of the country.

Now we all know, what a blast it is living in Noida but how do you take advantage of the great city if you are always worried about how to manage to make all your outings and celebrations special?

When it's your co-worker's birthday bash at the pub near your office in sector 62 and that great bakery everyone loves is on the other end of the city. Did you know Cake N Bunch offers online cake delivery in Noida sector 62? Instead of playing rock-paper-scissors to determine who will make the long tiresome journey to and from the bakery, why not get a delicious cake delivered straight to your office that very day and carry it to the venue with you later for the party? Convenient, right?

Same Day & Midnight Cake Delivery Available

Citizens of Noida, rejoice! To sweeten your days and to make your special moments sugary, Cake N Bunch offers online cake delivery in Noida along with the facility for midnight cake delivery and yes, even same day cake delivery! Make use of our services to get online cake delivery in Noida and be rewarded with the most precious smiles ever!

Sometimes we get so tied up with work and life that suddenly it's the day of the occasion and we are nowhere near prepared. Same day delivery with Cake N Bunch can make your life easier in such situations. Just place an order for a fabulous cake from the Same Day Delivery drop-down menu on the website, fill in your details and you are good to go. Take a relaxing breath and wipe off that sweat and go get ready for the party.

Midnight delivery is a lifesaver service offered by Cake n Bunch when you want someone to know how important they are to you and you just can't be there at the moment. Make use of our Midnight cake delivery service in Noida and make sure your loved one gets your yummy wishes as the clock strikes twelve. We promise to be on time!

Put your shades on because with our help, you are going to be in the limelight. We will take you through some of the amazing cake varieties we offer on our website to make your cake choice the highlight of the party -

1. Designer Cake

A person's passion is what drives him to make the most of his life. Want to do something totally out-of-the-box for your best friend's birthday who is extremely interested in photography? Tell us about her and we will get for you a gorgeous photography theme cake which will steal hearts all around. Get ready for a few bone-crushing hugs from your bestie when she sees the cake you especially got designed for her.

2. Photo Cakes

Personalization is a hit these days. From pens and diaries to bags and clothes, people are getting every little bit personalized. Then why not cakes? Yes, we said cakes! Personalize a cake of your choice of flavor with your favorite picture of the cute couple that you are one half of. Needless to say, the gesture will earn you a lot of brownie points on your anniversary from your darling hubby!

3. Mango Cakes

We all have that one friend in the group (or we are one ourselves) who loves mangoes and lives through the dreary summer months cheerfully just to enjoy the seasonal delicacy. Celebrate their immense love for mangoes on their birthday and order a Mango cake on Cake N Bunch. It's a double treat watching the light shine in your friends' eyes and tasting the heavenly goodness that is a mango cake.

4. Cupcakes

Cute, delightful and manageable portions for all! What else could one ask for in a dessert? Cupcakes are the sweet treasures that everyone loves. Order them for your next party and become the hero the cupcake nation has been waiting for. The citizens will be tongue-tied with mouths full of cupcakes and will happily accept your leadership which brought to them the special delights.

5. Cakes in a jar

Planning a stress-free day picnic with your partner at the local park and cannot find any viable dessert options? Cakes in a jar are the perfect solution for your sugar cravings at the outing. Enjoy the scrumptious cakes mess-free and you get cute jars to keep too! It's clearly a win-win.

Online Cake Delivery in Noida

We have many loved ones in our life - our family members, friends, or that special someone you love and cherish. Although they know that you value them a lot in your life, it never hurts to include thoughtful gestures in your daily lives. This makes sure they never doubt their importance in your life.

Special occasions are a great excuse to express your love for the special people in your life! Occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and many more are examples of such sweet excuses. Tell you what though, getting a cake and flower delivery in Noida for your special ones is the best move you can make to make these moments even sweeter!

Cake and Flower Delivery in Noida for special ones

Cake N Bunch is your trusted partner when you want cake and flower delivery in Noida. We are here to spoil you rotten with a multitude of options for you to choose from when it comes to ordering fresh cake online in Noida.

What if we told you can make the whole deal sweeter with Cake N Bunch? Yes! You read that right. We offer both cake and flower delivery in Noida at the best prices! After you have chosen the occasion you are planning the goodies for and the flavor and variety of cake you would like delivered, you can choose an attractive bouquet, just as simply!

We use roses, sunflowers, gerberas, and other beautiful and fragrant flowers and make them into eye-catching bouquets for you. Flowers are a great gift generally and combined with cakes they are guaranteed to change even the biggest frowns into radiant smiles!

Visit our flowers section from the menu that is accessible from anywhere on the website. There you can make a selection of your favorite flower arrangement and just add it to your cart.

Send cakes in Noida via Cake N Bunch and make your loved ones happy

Surely, by now you are convinced and ready to send cakes in Noida. You can do so very easily! You may choose from the list of occasions from the menu to get the best suggestions possible. After you have made a choice, you can decide if you want an eggless variant or not and then proceed to choose the size of the cake you require. And voila! Your preferences are saved to your cart.

Now all you need to do to send cakes in Noida is enter the sender and receiver’s details and some payment information. That’s it!

Order Fresh Cake Online in Noida

Send cakes in Noida today by choosing from among delicious flavors of cake, like Strawberry, Red Velvet, Butterscotch, Truffle, Chocolate, White forest, Black forest, Vanilla, etc. Bring a smile to everyone’s face without fail because not only do you get several options for flavors but also for the variety of cake you want to send. From simply decorated but delicious cakes to memorable photo cakes, we do it all. That’s not all, we also have for you, amazing designer cakes which are a great way to let the receiver know how well you know them.

With Cake N Bunch you’re always ready for some happy celebrations!


Want to try our cake delivery in Noida but still have questions? Don't worry, we got you!

Q1. Which areas in Noida do you deliver to? I live in Noida sector 63. Can I get a cake delivered?

A1. Cake N Bunch does offer online cake delivery in Noida Sector 63. In fact, we deliver to all major areas in Noida. 

Q2. Are cakes available in different weights?

A2. Yes, you may choose from a range of weight options from 0.5 kg to 2.5 kg for your selected cake.

Q3. Do you have eggless cake options?

A3. Yes, we do! Cake n Bunch offers online cake delivery in Noida in both with egg and eggless cake options for all our cake varieties.

Q4. Can I place an order for midnight cake delivery?

A4. Yes, for a small delivery fee you can easily place an order for midnight cake delivery with our trusted service.

Q5. Can I choose to pay by cash on delivery or is online payment the only payment option?

A5. You can choose to make your payment either online or through cash on delivery with Cake n Bunch, according to what suits you best!

Q6. I need to get a cake delivered urgently today. Can I get that done?

A6. Don't sweat it! Cake N Bunch offers Same Day Cake Delivery service for your convenience. Check out our Same Day Delivery dropdown menu on the website to find out the products you can send with this service.

Q7. Can you send a custom message along with the cake?

A7. Yes! You are prompted to write down a message that you would like to be on the complimentary card that would accompany the cake. You may write down a message as per your wish and we'll send it across with the cake on your behalf.