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That time of the year is here again when bells ring and we move forward together towards a new sun and a brand new year! Yes! It’s time to change your calendar and dust away from the lazy vibes of last year. Cheer together with friends and family, for the new year is finally here! A cake is a perfect company for that cheer and who else to trust when it comes to online cake delivery than Cake N Bunch. Order special new year cakes and add taste to your celebration!

Midnight celebration of the coming year is an essential activity, irrespective of your age group. From society parties to small get-togethers with friends - a new year party is a norm these days. With lights, love, and laughter these parties typically include a lot of yummy food and celebratory music and dance. But the real crowd-puller at these parties has always been - cake! The creamy goodness of the icing coupled with the fluffiness of the base pleases everyone’s taste buds and makes their mouth water.

Order Special New Year Cakes

New year cultures vary across different countries and religions. However, the custom of celebrating with your loved ones with cake, good food, and good music is one that is prevalent around the globe, irrespective of your country, religion, caste, or gender. It brings people together in a way that makes you forget every ill-feeling and fills you up with joy and camaraderie.
Order New year cakes online from Cake N Bunch and ensure that your celebration is tasteful and bright.

Cake N Bunch is best known for its scrumptious cakes because we take special care to ensure that the cakes are yummy and pleasing to look at. We have associated ourselves with the best of the best chefs to fulfill our promise of great quality. We source only the top quality ingredients to make sure that your cake experience is not compromised at all.

Send New Year cakes to loved ones

Work opportunities usually take people away from home and unable to see family and friends even on major occasions like New Year. It’s only natural that you miss celebrating with them these days. We can bridge this gap a little by helping you send some cakey goodness to your loved ones on this special day. Yes, not just for your own party, you can also send New Year Cakes Online to others with Cake N Bunch. What’s more, we also give you the option to add flower bouquets to your order to send. A beautiful combination of cakes and flowers is all you need to make someone’s New Year’s eve super special.

Cake N Bunch also has a midnight delivery option for you. Yes, you heard that right. Order a cake like you normally would and just choose midnight delivery as your desired delivery time and voila! The cake shall reach your doorstep or that of your loved ones as the clock strikes twelve. Welcome the new year at midnight with a delicious cake from Cake N Bunch.

New Year Special Cakes on Cake N Bunch

Cake N Bunch has put together a special range of cakes for the occasion of the New Year. These cakes look absolutely breathtaking and will easily fit into your new year themed parties. The best part is that with Cake N Bunch, you are never limited to just these options. You can shape your celebrations exactly the way you want by ordering custom designer cakes from us. We provide two-tier and three-tier cakes as well. You can order a grand cake made exactly the way you want and delivered safely to your doorstep, on time. You can also choose from photo cakes, cartoon cakes, and designer cakes.

Tasty New Year Cake Flavors

Your New Year party guest list is an essential factor in deciding the flavor of the cake you order because the more people join, the more you want the flavor to be something that everyone can enjoy. For this purpose, Cake N Bunch provides you a long list of flavors to pick your favorite from. Some of them are vanilla cake, chocolate cake, red velvet cake, black forest, fresh fruit, white forest cake, strawberry cake, butterscotch cake, pineapple cake, and truffle cake. To place your order on our website, all you need to do is pick your favorite flavor and cake design. After that, you need to pick the weight you want the cake to be in. We have got everyone covered, by offering both eggless and egg-based variants of every cake in our list. You can make your choice based on the preference of your guest list.

Now all you need to do to order special new year cakes is enter your payment and delivery details and you’re done! Relax and set up the rest of your party while we get to work on your cake. Put up the decorations and bring out the food. Set up the music and welcome your guests with open arms and lit up smiles. Right at the appointed time, our delivery agent will deliver your New Year cake to you in the perfect condition at your doorstep. Enjoy it with your guests as the New Year rolls in to enjoy the delicious start to a new year, full of joy, hope, and good company!